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As a fan of the Playstation GranTurismo and Burnout Series, I love both simulation and extreme arcade racing games.

As a programmer I'm always been interested in the deep structure of the game computer graphics, the core mathematics and functions that make possible to represent a 3D CG world and move in it almost like in the real one.

The goal of this project is to lay the basis of a simple java 3D free-roaming game starting from the fundamental of the game computer graphics.

In particular it displays the use of the Double Buffering,Z-Buffer storage, triangle Edge walking, Perspective correct mapping, Textures, Polygon meshes, Phong shading and shadow volumes.

Hope it can inspire and help other games lovers and programmers to realize their own games starting from the graphics fundations, which is a source of immense satisfaction.

Simple explanations about some of this topics can be also found on my sourceforge developer site

Global screen of the game

Car roaming around

3D vehicles displayed in the game (C key)

Red car Police car Wagon car
Red car Police car Wagon car
A-team van City bus Roadster
A-Team van City bus Roadster car

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